Grow Easy . . . Save Space

What we're all about: 

Grow Easy:   Little to no bending, digging, and weeding, easy maintenance, and less watering.  Minimal soil required and a fabric lining is included that maintains moisture.

Save Space:  MGS offers two types of systems:  Vertical systems and Set 'N' Grow systems.  Both types come in 3 foot and 4 foot lengths.  For more information, please visit our Products page.

Plant Anything:  Grow many types of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers (for detailed information, look on the Plan Build Grow page).  

Easy Setup:   Setting up My Garden System takes about 15 minutes and requires only one tool -- an allen wrench.

Sustainable Soil:  At the end of the season, reclaim the soil and save it for next season.  Or, move My Garden System indoors during the winter using grow lights.

Place Anywhere Indoors or outdoors. These systems fit on patios, porches, decks, driveways, and can easily be placed in a traditional garden or greenhouse.